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Covid-19 Update

In light of recent events we would like to update you on BGC policy for Covid-19.

There has recently been a notified case at Aspire gym facility at Ashlyns school.  We were made aware of this on Wednesday evening.  This facility is in NO way linked to Berkhamsted Gymnastics Club, and as far as we are aware no contact has been made with the individual concerned.  There have also been a couple of cases relating to parents at Ashlyns school.  Again, as far as we are aware there are no connections with BGC.  Ashlyns school have kept us fully updated at all times.

In line with new guidelines issued by the government we would ask that if you, your child or a sibling who may come with you to drop your child of or pick up, develops any of the symptoms linked with the virus (new fever, cough) that you do not attend BGC and self-isolate for the stipulated 7 days.

Berkhamsted Gymnastics Club has over the last year improved its general cleaning of its facilities.  The gym is cleaned 3 times a week, with particular emphasis on high usage areas.  We also carry out regular deep cleans of the gym.  We will continue to follow these procedures and review if necessary.  Please ensure that yourself and your children carry out the recommended hand washing actions.  We have antibacterial hand wash in our toilets, and there is a supply of hand sanitiser within the gym facility.  Like many places, our stocks are limited so where possible if you have your own supply, we would be grateful if you can use it.

We continue to follow advice from Public Health England and our governing body British Gymnastics and are continually monitoring developments.

As a club we are situated on school grounds.  If Ashlyns school has to close, then Berkhamsted Gymnastics Club will also close.  We will notify parents as soon as possible via our Facebook pages, website and also via email.

We would ask that if you or your immediate family become infected you let our Club Manager know or call 07885733307.  If you have any concerns about this statement, please also email us.

Kind regards

BGC Team


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