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The Facility - Ashlyns Site

Our bright and friendly gymnastics facility is the only permanent gymnastics facility in Berkhamsted and the surrounding villages.  The facility boasts a wealth of apparatus, training aids and hand held apparatus allowing our members every opportunity to experience all aspects of this wonderful sport and giving them the opportunity to achieve and progress in all areas. 


Foyer/waiting area with bench seating and clothes hocks.  With view of warmup room only. CCTV viewing system.

Warm-up/ ballet room with matted flooring, ballet bars and mirrors, wall bars and stereo system.

Washroom with sink with drinking water and male and female toilets.

Club room with cubby holes for squad gymnasts,  kitchenette and meeting table.

Multi purpose room with matted flooring, this room is used when parties require a place to eat.

Main gym area with full women's and men's artistic gymnastics equipment and training aids including a sprung tumble run with the exception of a full size floor area


1 x 5mx6m matted area (with ballet bars & mirrors)
1 x sprung tumble run
1x vaulting table
1 x foam vaulting table
1 x foam section vault
1 x wooden section vault 
1 x fast track
1 x p-bars (full height)
1 x training p-bars 
1 x mini p-bars
1 x rings (full height)
1 x practise rings
2 x H-bars (height adjustable, with polished and chalk rails)
1 x Asymmetric bars (with polished and chalk rails)
3 x Beams (height adjustable)
3 x floor beams
1 x pommel horse
2 x floor level pommels
2 x training pommels
2 x ropes 
2 x launch pads
1 x incline trampette
2 x handstand bouncers
6 x spring boards
3 x mini spring boards
3 x benches
2 x large 60cm high blocks
2 x small 60cm high blocks
1 x pair or large floor bars
3 x pairs of paralettes  
1 x Soft play set (includes small, medium and large wedges, cylinders, medium and large steps, arch with bases & matting, pop up tunnel,
*Ample throw-in safety mats of different sizes and depths.
*Ample role mats and supplementary mats of different sizes and depths.
*Wall bars
All the above apparatus is suitable matted to ensure safety requirements are met at all times.

Hoops, 3 different sizes
Bean bags
Tap sticks
Finger puppets
Skipping ropes
Ankle skippers
Launch ball kit
Pom poms
Place spots
Rubber hands and feet placers

Training aids
2 x small beam pads
1 x large beam pad
1 x throw over pad
1 x u-block and pad
Ankle weights
Hand weights
Weight bars
Resistance bands
Resistance tubes
Medicine balls 
Wobble boards
partner resistance running kit
Running resistance Parachute
Running ladders
Invasion belts
White and black boards

  View of main gym area

Warm-up room / Ballet area

A wealth of fun hand apparatus to improve hand/eye co-ordination

Watch your child participating in their class from our waiting area via our state of the art real time CCTV system