is a long-established, suc­cess­ful and friendly gym­nas­tics club and a UK reg­is­tered char­ity. Our Club caters for pre-school, recreational (including adult gym) and competitive squads, which are all taught by our team of ded­i­cated and experienced coaches.  

Our permanent, fully equipped facility is located within the grounds of Ash­lyns School, Berkham­sted, in the Daco­rum Dis­trict of Hert­ford­shire. 
The Club ensures quality gymnastics coaching is provided in a safe and friendly environment. The Club, coaches and members are affil­i­ated with British Gym­nas­tics (BG),  the East­ern Coun­ties Gym­nas­tics Asso­ci­a­tion (ECGA) and the Hert­ford­shire Gym­nas­tics Asso­ciation.
Contact us on 01442 877014
Mobile: 07484 115 592 
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Sports Parents Promise

    Ahead of Parents in Sport Week 2019, we’re asking parents to make a promise to their child to make sure they have safe and enjoyable experiences of sport.

    This 3-point promise highlights how you can be a great sports parent. You can click each point for advice and tips on ways you can fulfil your promise.

    Make the Sports Parents Promise

    As a positive sports parent, I make these promises to my child(ren):
    Make it official! Add your name to be counted using the form below.

    You'll also get a certificate to print out and put on the fridge or share on social media with other #SportsParents. You can type your child’s name directly on to the PDF or fill it in by hand afterwards – whichever you prefer.😊

     BGC are supporting this initiative from the NSPCC - please follow this link to find out more


    Dear Members

    Due to works that need carrying out on the site at Ashlyns Gym I am afraid we will not be holding any holiday clubs this coming October half term. We are sorry to disappoint you all but these jobs need doing urgently. Thank you all for your understanding. 

    Team BGC

    **LATEST NEWS** 

    2019 Autumn Term Courses

    Autumn Term Fees: Cost per session

    1hr Gymnastics class: £8.00

    45min Toddler and pre-school class: £6.00

    Term Fees are 14 x the above fees.










    First Session of Term

    Wk 1

    2nd Sept

    3rd Sept

    4th Sept

    5th Sept

    6th Sept

    7th Sept


    Wk 2

    9th Sept

    10th Sept

    11th Sept

    12th Sept

    13th Sept

    14th Sept

    Wk 3

    16th Sept

    17th Sept

    18th Sept

    19th Sept

    20th Sept

    21st Sept

    Wk 4

    23rd Sept

    24th Sept

    25th Sept

    26th Sept

    27th Sept

    28th Sept

    Wk 5

    30th Sept

    1st Oct

    2nd Oct

    3rd Oct

    4th Oct

    5th Oct

    Wk 6

    7th Oct

    8th Oct

    9th Oct

    10th Oct

    11th Oct

    12th Oct

    Wk 7

    14th Oct

    15th Oct

    16th Oct

    17th Oct

    18th Oct

    19th Oct


    Wk 8

    21st Oct

    22nd Oct

    23rd Oct

    24th Oct

    25th Oct

    26th Oct

    Half Term Week


    28th Oct

    29th Oct

    30th Oct

    31st Oct

    1st Nov

    2nd Nov


    Wk 9

    4th Nov

    5th Nov

    6th Nov

    7th Nov

    8th Nov

     9th Nov


    Wk 10

    11th Nov

    12th Nov

    13th Nov

    14th Nov

    15th Nov

    16th Nov


    Wk 11

    18th Nov

    19th Nov

    20th Nov

    21st Nov

    22nd Nov

    23rd Nov

    Re-Enrolment Week

    Wk 12

    25th Nov

    26th Nov

    27th Nov

    28th Nov

    29th Nov

    30th Nov


    Wk 13

    2nd Dec

    3rd Dec

    4th Dec

    5th Dec

    6th Dec

    7th Dec

    Last week of term

    Wk 14

    9th Dec

    10th Dec

    11th Dec

    12th Dec

    13th Dec

    14th Dec

    Weeks this term

    14 wks

    14 wks

    14 wks

    14 wks

    14 wks

      14 wks


    01442 877 014 or 07484 115 592

    Need to change your child’s class?  You MUST re-enrol your child in their current class to remain a current member, when making payment please inform the admin team of your need to change class along with your preferred day/class time.  BGC will do our best to accommodate the request after re-enrolment has closed.  You will be contacted via text to confirm class changes ASAP.

    Ways to Pay: Card payments ONLY please  – on site or by phone

    Tel: 01442 877014 / 07484 115 592

    If lines are busy please leave a message or text including a contact number

    www.berkhamstedgymnastics.co.uk / enquiries@berkhamstedgymnastics.co.uk

    Recreational Club Championships

    Huge congratulations to all our Recreational Members who took part in the 2018 Annual Club Champs 

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